About Us

United Modi Hydropower Ltd. is a registered public limited company established under the companies Act 2063 of Nepal, with an objective of promoting hydropower in Nepal through private investment. It was registered as a private limited company on 5th Mangsir 2064 (21st Nov, 2007) at Office of the Company Registrar, Nepal Government. It was later converted into a Public Limited company on 28th Chaitra 2070 (11th Apr, 2014). The central office is located at Kamaladi, Kathmandu. The site office is located at Kushma, Parbat. The Company is promoted by well-known Builders and Hydropower entrepreneurs having long experience in the related field, including the local people of the project areas.

Currently, we have two projects in hand. The first is the Lower Modi-1 Hydropower Project (10 MW) which is in operation since November 2012. The second is the Lower Modi-2 Hydropower Project (10.5 MW), which is the cascade of the first project. Both of these projects are located at Modi Khola, along the Pokhara – Baglung Highway in Parbat District in Dhaulagiri Zone of Western Dev. Region of Nepal. The road distance of the project sites from the capital Kathmandu is 280 kms. In addition to these projects, we are also exploring further possibilities to enter into new ventures in the hydropower sector. For more details about our projects, visit our Projects page.