Lower Modi-2 (Cascade) Hydropower Project (10.5MW)

Lower Modi-2 Hydropower Project (10.5 MW) is being developed as the cascade project of the upstream Lower Modi-1 Hydropower project. The project is in its design phase. The energy generated from the project will be evacuated to the national grid by 3 km, 132 kv transmission line to existing Lower Modi-1 switchyard and then on common system to NEA Modi Substation at Dimuwa, Parbat. The connection agreement is concluded with NEA, and the PPA is in process. The Detailed Project Report (DPR) of the project is near to completion. The construction of the project is estimated to begin from early 2016.

Salient Features:

Type of Scheme = Run-of-River (RoR), Cascade of Lower Modi-1
River = Modi Khola
Location = Kushma, Parbat (Along Pokhara – Baglung Highway)
Power and Energy
Gross Head / Net Head = 49.40 m
Design Discharge = 26.0 m3/sec
Installed Capacity = 10.5 MW
Annual Energy = 62.15 GWh
Catchment Area = 645 km2
Mean Annual Flow = 55.9 m3/sec
Avg. Annual Precipitation = 2689 mm
Design flood Q100 = 1123 m3/sec
Key Developments:
 Survey License  = Owned by United Modi Hydropower Ltd., Period Running in 2nd year.
 Connection Agreement  =  Concluded in November 2014
 Power Purchase Agreement  =  Application filed, is in Process.
 Detailed Project Report  =  Near to Completion.