Project Features Details

The project is run of the river project at Modi Khola of Parbat district. The construction of the project started in early 2010 and was completed in August 2012. The project started generating electricity since September 2012 with connection to National Grid. The commercial operation of the project began in November 2012, since then the project is adding 61.01 GWh of energy annually to the national power network.

Salient Features of Lower Modi-1 Hdyropower Project:

Type of Scheme=Run-of-River (RoR)
River=Modi Khola
Location=Chuwa, Kushma Parbat (Along Pokhara-Baglung Highway)
Power and Energy
Gross Head / Net Head=50 m / 46.25 m
Design Discharge=16 m3/sec
Installed Capacity=10 MW
Annual Energy=61.01 GWh
Catchment Area=575 km2
Design Flow=26.0 m3/sec.
Mean Annual Flow=55.9 m3/sec.
Design flood Q1,000=1123 m3/sec
Intake=Side Intake, 4 orifices (7.15 m3 x 4)
Settling Basins=Double Chamber, 0.2 mm, 100m x 10 m x 6.5m
Headrace Canal=Rectangular RCC, length 2101 m, size 4.8 m W x 3.25 m H
Forebay=Rectangular RCC, 50m x 10m x 6.5 m, Volume 3000 m3
Penstock Pipe=Steel, 60 m x 2 nos., Internal diameter 2.4 m
Turbine=2 units Francis Turbine
Tailrace Tunnel=Rectangular, Length 39 m
Transmission line=132 kVA Single Circuit, 8 km ( to NEA Dimuwa Substation – 23 Towers)
Construction Time Period=2.5 Years
Test Operation=Since 2069 Ashwin 18 ( 04 October 2012) Grid Connection
Commercial Operation (COD)=2069 Mangsir 09 (24 November 2012)